MONEY for MONEY fundraising campaign

Friends. I've solicited donations in the past, but never for a project that I'm developing myself. MONEY is a different kind of project, though. It's the most ambitious in scale, with the largest team, the highest risk, and the biggest potential impact. It requires as much innovation on the fundraising side as on the creative side.

Introducing the MONEY for MONEY campaign!

If you have 3m to spare, please watch this video, and share the following links to anyone who you think might be able to help. If you're at all interested in money - as a concept, a symbol or a story - I hope you join this important conversation about value(s), technology, and the future of humanity.

Donate on Indiegogo
Donate on Kickstarter

For donations over $50, you'll get exclusive perks.
For donations over $500, send me a message first, and you'll get a bunch more benefits, including a cameo in the show.

Thanks for your time (time is money!)

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