Zulu Time

In a frenzy of synthetic sounds, strobe light flashes, spasmodic robots, trash video, acrobats dropping from ceilings and sultry contortionists, Zulu Time provides audiences with an apocalyptic burst of technology.

A few characters – travellers trying to find their way through airports, drug traffickers in transit, bomb-setting terrorists, lonely flight attendants – seep into this world like viruses into a technological body. They remind audiences that desire, the fusion of bodies, and sexual fantasies are also among the forces that drive our lives, beyond the ambient digital madness.

Concept and Direction by Robert Lepage
Co-produced by Peter Gabriel
Co-Designed and Performed by
Jinny Jessica Jacinto
Claire Gignac
Rick Miller
Marco Poulin
Rodrigue Proteau

Music Written and Performed by
Michel F. Côté
Diane Labrosse
Peter Gabriel


Zulu Time

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