BOOM Trilogy tour dates in 2022-23

We're so pleased that Rick Miller's Trilogy of solo shows is now complete, and being presented around the world. We can't yet lay out all the specifics, but here's what's coming up:

  • Nov 2022: BOOM (Part 1), AB tour (dates TBC)
  • Jan 2023: BOOM X (Part 2), BC tour (dates TBC)
  • Feb 2023: BOOM X (Part 2), Grand Theatre, London ON
  • Mar 2023: BOOM (Part 1), Darke Hall, Regina SK
  • Big news soon for BOOM YZ (Part 3)!
These 3 shows span 75 years of history, culture and politics, woven into 3 generations of personal stories. We hope to bring them to a stage near you soon!

The BOOM Trilogy (BOOM, BOOM X and BOOM YZ)
Written, Directed & Performed by Rick Miller
Produced by Kidoons and WYRD Productions

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