Rick Miller's reworking of the play co-created with Daniel Brooks

HARDSELL 2.0 is a reworking of the original play co-created with Daniel Brooks. The show is still a multimedia extravaganza that boldly examines the commodification of everything. Miller struts and frets his hour on the stage, selling, seducing and manipulating the audience with dazzling performance and design, while slyly exposing the lies inherent in advertising. In this new version, dubbed a lecture/performance, the double-edge of cynicism and hope is made more evident, as Miller cleverly straddles the two. In the world of the HARDSELL, where cynicism is becoming an easier choice, Miller challenges us to “think clearly, feel deeply, and speak coherently”. 

    ◦    THE PLAY: Now being performed as "VENDU" in French, we're looking at bilingual runs in Montreal and Ottawa in 2013-14.
    ◦    THE TV SERIES: Miller has adapted the show into a satirical TV series. The short 'pilot' is being shot in December 2012. John L'Ecuyer will direct, Foundry Film will produce.
    ◦    INFO LITERACY: Miller is adapting the show into a media-literacy campaign for schools.

Created, directed and performed by Rick Miller
(Based on the play co-created with Daniel Brooks
Co-designed by Beth Kates, Ben Chaisson and Rick Miller

"A DIZZYING DESCENT into the corporate hell of capitalism... while HARDSELL acknowledges our economic and societal future seems pretty bleak, it arrives at a conclusion many seem to embrace today, mainly that it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness." Toronto Sun
"A TIMELY CALL TO ACTION. The new dynamic between Miller and his alter ego provides strong tension to the complex relationship between human nature and greed." Blog TO
“A VOCAL CHAMELEON…Miller succinctly illustrates how living in a consumer society seems to either makes hypocrites out of us or turn us into self-righteous jerks.” Globe and Mail
"STUNNING! Rick Miller is one of our most dazzling performers... Miller's greatest skill is not unlike that of a jazz virtuoso: he riffs superbly... "  Toronto Star
"A STINGING CRITIQUE of the commodification of everything...but the emphasis has been placed instead squarely on Miller as an arts worker, parent and human being trying to live a virtuous life." Stage Door
"A ROUSING REMOUNT... Miller is a fantastic actor. HARDSELL 2.0 is an honest examination of how our behaviour can be controlled by marketing and a disturbing reminder of the lies inherent in advertising." Theatromania
"My dad's been taking me to plays since I was 9, and this is the first one where I actually learned something" Andy, 16.


HARDSELL 2.0 info literacy proposal.doc
HARDSELL 2.0 info literacy proposal.doc